A Guide On Picking The Best Sydney Family Law Firm

There are a large number of Sydney family law firms out there for you to choose from, sometimes it can take a full day to even write down the choices you have! Not all Sydney family law firms are created equal however, some offer more specialised services to varying degrees of quality and efficiency. 

In cases involving divorce, parental matters, custodial discrepancies, and alimony – there will ultimately be moments that are emotionally charged and require a little more nuance and kinder approach than your run-of-the-mill solicitor. The stakes are often a lot higher and more personal in these instances, which necessitates the hiring of a top-tier Sydney family law firm that will approach your case with the required care, understanding, and professionalism. 

The choosing of the right Sydney family law firm is about more than reputation alone (although that does play a role as we will get into below), there are a number of mitigating factors that contribute to a successful firm that aren’t always considered from the outset. We’re going to break down a few of the factors that we believe are essential for an optimal experience. 

Experience & Ability

Experience and ability are two main factors that determine success for any Sydney family law firm. The realm of familial legislation is complex enough, as we mentioned already, there are high stakes when dealing with matters surrounding divorce, wills, estates, custody, and essentially everything that occurs in the home. 

It is imperative that a good Sydney family law firm takes these matters into account and ensures that progression occurs at a smooth and consistent rate. Not only for the betterment of the case, but also to save potential additional damages. Their experience in the field of Sydney family law will also play a large role as there are variances between states and specialties. Often when you’re searching for representation, it can be understandably difficult to determine their overall competency and relevant experience in the matters at hand. 

This is why we have a suggestion.

Suggestion: Have Questions Ready For An Initial Meeting

First things first, if the prospective Sydney family law firm does not offer an initial sit down or consultation – it’s an automatic no from us. There should always be an opportunity for representation to put their case forward to you and allow you to gain a little initial perception of the whole playing field. 

When you head into your meeting, it is a great idea to have some questions ready to go that will give you a little initial clarity surrounding your case. It also provides you an opportunity to gauge their experience and competency for yourself, which can be ascertained by asking about their previous experience working with particulars like yours etc. 

Communicative & Creative

top-tier Sydney family law lawyer

These two aspects are highly regarded in any Sydney family law firm, as well as any firm for that matter. However, in the case of emotionally compromising situations, there needs to be precision in speech and word choices. Discussing complexities with a client can often be lost or found by the ability of communication that is being displayed. 

Creativity is also a necessity in the negotiation and mediation process as well as finding an appropriate solution to the issues that you’re dealing with.

In the end, the Sydney family law firm you choose should be the one that satisfies the above criteria. Remember to always have the initial meeting and have those questions ready, if there is something you’re unsure about, it is always best practice to ask. Good luck finding your Sydney family law firm. 



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