Facts About Family Law Solicitors in Bella Vista Clients Should Know

Family law solicitors in Bella Vista have a major role to play for a spouse in the North-West of Sydney.

During a divorce, restraining order or child custody battle, there are tough negotiations that take place and this is a scenario that requires diligent representation.

For those individuals who are not aware of what their remit is, let us delve into the facts about their position and what firms can offer the community at large.


They Seek Mediation and Negotiation

The central role that family law solicitors in Bella Vista play is to bring both sides to the table in order to mediate and negotiate towards a resolution. Unless there is a restraining order, threat of violence or case of domestic abuse where charges need to be laid, then the majority of scenarios will see the two opposing counsels attempt to find an agreement on a set of official terms. This will relate to a division of assets and liabilities to ownership of property and custody of children. It is rare for a case in the domain of family law to proceed to a courtroom where a judge and jury will be present.

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Impartial Third Party Presence

Whilst clients will want family law solicitors in Bella Vista that they have hired to be strong and vocal advocates for them, they are intended to act as an impartial third party presence. This dispassionate position might not appear to be much of an advantage, but their remit is to utilize the facts of the case as the central tool for the line of argument. From criminal records, bank statements, witness testimony, DNA testing and more – these points of information become the argument, not the capacity to be argumentative and vocal in front of opposing counsel.


Variety of Billing Policies

Family law solicitors in Bella Vista will have their own ways and means of billing their client. It will be dependent on their circumstances, the profile of the case (divorce, annulment, child custody, asset division, restraining order, domestic violence), the resources needed, expected duration and sheer logistics that have to be negotiated along the way. Certain outlets will institute a flat fee, others will opt for an hourly rate and there are firms that will opt under a results-oriented policy where the fee will be paid in full should the outcome be preferable. Very seldom will a solicitor work under pro bono conditions unless they are closely affiliated with the spouse or it is a case that is in the public’s interest.


Network With Mental Health and Service Professionals

There is only so much family law solicitors in Bella Vista can do for their client when it comes to dealing with the stresses and anxieties that are confronted during a tense case. Given the stakes where a divorce is proceeded with or there is a split with child custody rights, citizens can attempt to look for answers, solutions and supportive bodies that can help people to manage. Firms in the North-West of Sydney do offer referrals to businesses that specialize in these fields, from therapists and councilors to local charities and other support services that can alleviate logistical and mental health issues.


Must Adhere To Their Own Rules

Family law solicitors in Bella Vista are hired to ensure that their client does not violate any rule of law and that every action they take is by the book. However, there are also principles that are applied to firms as well. In cases where a solicitor attempts to negotiate with the opposing counsel without their knowledge, engage in illegal activity pertaining to the case or conduct unethical behaviour such as stalking, tracking, pressuring or manipulating another party, that can be grounds for disbarment. Citizens in this region of the city should be mindful that whilst these cases are few and far between, they have every right to sack their counsel and seek new representation when these laws are violated.








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