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The breakdown of a family can often have devastating consequences, especially if there are young children involved. With a divorce proceeding, a split of the family, and often blame being thrown in all directions; it can seem as if the entire world is crashing down. Once the relationship is over, most likely, the couple is unable to reach an agreement privately in regards to their children, as they cannot put their differences aside. They will need to rely on the legal system and the Family Court in your city to assist with parenting disputes.

To receive a fair settlement and outcome, a lawyer is required when both parties are unable to reach an agreement, most commonly in regards to family law matters such as parenting disputes, visitation, and the custody of children. With so many things to worry about, and in a deeply emotional and trying time, having a lawyer who specialises in family law can help reach an agreement quickly that is in the best interest of everyone involved, while showing sensitivity in dealing with children. This article will look at ways to be most prepared for a child custody hearing at Family Court.

Understand Child Custody Laws: Child Custody Laws can be extremely complex, and with so much information available on the internet and in forums, it can be easy to be misled or wrongly informed. Laws vary between Countries and States, so it is best to become familiar with the child custody laws of the Family Court in your city directly from a lawyer. Having to read through fine print can be incredibly tedious, and it can be easy to miss a small but essential detail which could have devastating consequences during the court hearing. An attorney is qualified to know the ins and outs of family court law, and can also answer all questions before the court date, eliminating any doubt.

Courtroom Attire: Making a positive first impression can go a long way to winning a child custody hearing. Having proper attire for a court appearance should not be underestimated. Before the judge even hears the case or argument, they will be making an opinion on the kind of parent in front of them, based solely on the courtroom appearance. For Dads courtroom attire should include a dark suit, collared shirt, tie, and dress shoes. For Mums, the best attire is dark pants or a shirt suit, dress shoes, a dark patternless dress, or pants matched with a long-sleeve shirt. The following items of clothing should be avoided at a hearing: short skirts above the knee, sleeveless shirts, open-toe shoes, sneakers, or fitted/tight clothing. It’s best to consult a lawyer for their advice on what to wear to ensure presentation in the very best light at the hearing.

Correct Documents: Bringing the right documents to a hearing is absolutely important, and can be the difference between winning and losing a hearing. A lawyer will be able to work closely with their client to determine the correct documents to bring on the day and also which personal records can be admissible. These will include written documentation, phone call logs, a visitation schedule between the child and the other parent, child’s records such as report cards and written statements from people close to the child. Also, be prepared for the possibility of a custody evaluation during a particularly heated dispute.

Courtroom Etiquette: A child custody hearing is a very emotional event in the course of any parent’s lives, and also one they never imaged would happen. While it is understandable that emotions may be running high, it is important to behave appropriately to ensure the best chance of winning custody. An attorney will be able to provide a greater understanding of what is expected from them in court, and also discuss any traps to look out for, especially if trying to be baited by the other spouse. Doing some role-playing in advance is also a recommended way to understand expectations before the hearing.

In conclusion, breaking up a family is one of the most emotionally devastating experiences any parents can go through, but there is support available to ensure they don’t have to go through it alone. Seeking the help of an experienced lawyer can prove to be very beneficial. While emotions cloud judgment and not allow rational and logical decisions to be made throughout the divorce, it can often lead to dragging out the process leading to increased time and cost and unintentionally hurting children, who are scared and often feel like it is their fault for their parent’s separation. A marriage breakdown is disastrous, but a lawyer can help to reach a quick settlement, offer their support, develop trust, while eliminating emotion, and objectively focusing on what is best for the child.



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